These videos were created for my clients' use only. All exercise is undertaken at your own risk - I accept no liability for injury caused whilst using these videos. Nothing in Pilates should cause you pain, so stop immediately if you feel discomfort.
This warning is particularly to be heeded if you are pregnant or postnatal. Various progressions are shown in these classes, but please listen to your body and build up slowly. Do not attempt any exercise you have not done in class first.
A reminder that pregnant ladies should not lie on their tummies, and those 16+ weeks should not lie flat on their backs - use a pregnancy wedge or prop yourself up on your elbows.
Barre Classes

Are full-body ballet-inspired workouts. They use a chair and either a set of small weights or resistance bands, and are suitable for pregnant and postnatal ladies up until any core work or lying on tummies / backs for pregnant ladies. These usually come at the very end of the class, and should be skipped - just take the stretch at the end!

Hayley Cross Pilates in Tulse Hill is in easy reach of Herne Hill, West Norwood, Streatham, Brixton and West Dulwich. Ease your back pain and shoulder pain, and learn how to manage your niggles. South London may be inundated with teachers, but the small class sizes Hayley offers will really help you - try a free class and see! Tulse Hill Pilates and Herne Hill Pilates sessions are beginner Pilates, intermediate Pilates and advanced Pilates in Herne Hill. There are evening classes, morning classes and afternoon classes. Times can be flexible. Pilates for all. Pilates near me. Pilates in Herne Hill! I am trained in Pregnancy Pilates (Antenatal PIlates) and Postnatal Pilates, and run dedicated Mum and Baby and  Pregnancy classes.